• Vision

    OSSHD aspires to see the country free from HIV/AIDS, communicable diseases and other pressing social problems whereby...

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OSSHD shall contribute to the national effort of ensuring high quality social services for the livelihood improvement of the high vulnerable people through introducing community based integrated SRH/HIV/AIDS and environmental

  • Mission

    OSSHD strives to ensure high quality social services to enhance the livelihoods of the target communities through an...

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Spatial distribution of OSSHD operational offices

OSSHD is the first indigenous, national humanitarian non Government organization set- up in 1990 to fight the alarming spread of HIV/AIDS infection and alleviate the psychological and economic impacts of the Pandemic, And focues on:

  • Prevention, Care and Support for PLHIV and OVCs
  • Capacity Building, Networking and partnerships
  • SRH, Gender Based Violence (GBV)
  • TB and Malaria, Harm Reduction
  • WASH, Envaromental Protection
  • Other Social Services

Our Leadership


Current Key Areas of Intervention

Prevention,Care and support for people living with HIV and orphan venerable Children,Gender Based Violence (GVB) ,Sexual and reproductive health program and Organizational and community capacity building