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Gondar branch is one of the former branches of OSSA and it was establish in 1995

Gondor Branch Gondor Branch

About The Branch Office

OSSA Gondar branch is one of the branches of OSSA which was establish in 1995 to play a vital role in the prevention of HIV and AIDS. Shouldering this great mission, OSSA Gondar branch for last 20 years has been committed to coordinate and facilitate anti HIV/AIDS activities to empower communities in HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support services, to provide comprehensive care and support to infected and affected members and to promote sexual and reproductive health program.

W/ro Firewoyni Beyene, Branch Manager

Vision, mission, goals, objectives and core principles The organizational vision, mission, goals and objectives and principles are the same with that of OSSA in general. Vision and others are shared among all branches and each branch is expected to abide by these vision, mission, goals and core values or principles.


Gondar city Geberale Kefele ketema, the previous Gondar Agriculture Bureau Building.

P.O.Box :  OSSA Branch gondor office 877 

Tel : +251-918-78-67-63

Contact Person : W/ro Firewoyni Beyene, Branch Manager

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In previous times the branch had been running the programme by financial support obtained from USAID, CDC, European Union fund, FHI 360, Pact and other donors. Branch intervention has continued its commitment and now running different projects using the donation of the Royal Dutch government (BUZA) through the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, Save the Children, UNFPA and others.

Current Interventions

Organization for social services for AIDS Gondar Branch currently involved in the implementation of different projects which mainly focus on the integration of SRH and HIV, the prevention of gender based violence and OVCs support programme and prevention of early marriage practiced in the area since long time ago. These project activities have been implemented in collaboration of CBOs, FBOs, and PLHIV associations, anti AIDS clubs, youth associations, Kebele administrations, government bodies and the general public.

Integration of HIV/AIDS and SRH

The SRH and HIV project primarily focuses on addressing the sexual reproductive health problems faced by young PLHIVs, young people and commercial sex workers with the age range of 10-24 years. The Link up project, from the start has targeted the aforementioned beneficiaries with the aim of educating the key population about sex and sexualities, family planning, sexually transmitted infections and treatment, and facilitation of referral linkages. Information and education about HIV transmission, behavioral change communication to prevent the spread of the virus has been given alongside SRH services. Several thousand of students, young people in and out of school, sex works and people living with HIV are benefited from this programme. To effectively realize the implementation of Link up project, OSSA Gondar Branch is working with 15 steering committees members, 117 peer facilitators, different government offices, CBO’S FBO, and local NGOs.

Gender-based Violence

Prevention and management of gender based violence is the other project implemented by the branch office in Debre Tabor University of the south Gondar zone. Supported by UNFPA, the GBV project is aimed at contributing to the efforts made to realize gender equality in Ethiopia and to develop positive behavior among the university students and eventually break the prevalence of gender-based violence.

Empowering early marriage

The other project entitled “Empowering Early Marriage” is designed to address the cultural problem predominantly prevalent in northern rural areas of the country. Children or young girls in the north are often disposed to early marriage which most likely contracting HIV infections, fistula or congenital malformations. OSSA Gondar branch has took the primary initiative and intervened in the prevention of early marriage, provision of psychosocial services, economic supports and RH information and education.

Areas Covered

OSSA Gondar branch office works to address the target communities residing in:
  • All cub cities of Gondar including Tseda satellite city and 2 rural kebeles
  • West Belesa, Lay Armacho and Tikil Dingay woredas of North Gondar zone
  • Three rural kebeles in Dembiya woreda,
  • Chilga, Alefa and Takus woredas of North Gondar zone
  • And Debretabor university in south Gondar.

OSSA Gonder branch major achievements

Food support

The branch office distributes supplementary food such as powder milk, sugar, tea, and refined wheat flour for PLHIVs and OVCs to improve their nutritional status. Provision of nutritional counseling to the target PLHIVs and OVCs benefited the beneficiaries to reduce malnutrition and maintain their health system.

Health care service

The care givers in collaboration with the health extension workers provide health care education to OVCs and PLHIVs focusing on health improvement, adherence to treatment, how to cope with illness and acute illness and referrals to health facilities. The care givers conduct weekly visit to provide the health care services.

Shelter and care

OSSA Gondar branch primairly identifies poorly maintained and seeming likely to collapse houses and works to renovate them in collaboration with kebele adminsitrations, ‘Idirs’ leaders and the benefiries themselves. By this action, OVCs and or guardians are able to live in a better houses and begin to see hope in their future.

Mass education

The branch office facilitates mass education to provide health information on STI, HIV transmission and prevention mechanisms, VCT, sexual reproductive health information and education and on the elimination of stigma and discrimination. This event has been done to improve the community awareness, particularly on issue related to HIV, STI, stigma and discrimination and other transmitted diseases. Group discussions accompany mass education using the popular Ethiopian coffee ceremony used to collect people together.

Provision of VCT service

OSSA Gondar branch provides HIV counseling and testing, diagnosis of STI, medical care and early detection and management of opportunistic infection to the people living in hotspot areas of Gondar. The work has been done in conjunction with the government health institutions.

Provision of educational support

The branch office works hard to reduce the number of orphan and vulnerable children school dropout in Gondar. It is a customary practice for poor children to drop the school when they face severe economic problem and unable to buy the necessary materials for school such as exercise books, pens, school uniforms and pencils and the like. OSSA intervenes to curb the problem of school drop out by providing education support and ensure that by such support, OVCs are able to attend school on regular basis. 

Urban gardening

programme People infected and affected by HIV/AIDS such as PLHIVs and their families have been supported by facilitating provision of garden, seeds and other necessary material inputs to make them able to generate their own income through engagement in urban gardening. This programme has proved to support families to improve their lives through income generations activities and surplus vegetable production for their own consumption at home. A typical urban garden and cultivated vegetable for sales and own consumption

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