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OSSA Arbaminch branch has over 21 years of working experience in implementing OSSA Program on SNNPR

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About The Branch Office

Following the establishment as legal entity, OSSA has began playing key role in the health sector by fighting against HIV/AIDS throughout the country with the goal of contributing to the national effort of ensuring high quality social services for the livelihood improvement of the highly vulnerable people. This is achieved by introducing community based integrated SRH and HIV/AIDS and environmental health services. The head office has several branches and project offices throughout the country and OSSA Arbaminch branch is one of branches implementing in SNNPR, in Gamo Gofa Zone of Arbaminch town. Visible results have been achieved in addressing HIV/AIDS related social and health issues through community involvement to combat the spread of HIV and mitigating its impact. OSSA Arbaminch branch has over 21 years of working experience establishing sound partnership and good working environment with CBOs, FBOs, and with both zonal and town government offices.

Together with communities and partners, the branch has shown remarkable results in preventing and mitigating social and economic problems affecting PLHIVs, youth, women and orphan vulnerable children with emphasis given to HIV/AIDS prevention, sexual reproductive health issues, community capacity building, care and support. The branch has also contributed to the local and national efforts to prevent and control HIV/AIDS and promote better sexual and reproductive health that affect the well-being of young people.  

Ato Asheber Sahile, Branch Manager




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To meet the pre-determined organizational key objectives, the branch has four core programs that feed on each other to improve and bring social and economic empowerment, better health information and services, and to bring gender equity in particular within its interventions. OSSA Arbaminch branch key areas of intervention include:

HIV Prevention

The branch has contributed a lot to the local and national efforts to prevent and control HIV/AIDS and mitigating social and economic problems of PLHIVs and OVCs. In collaboration with the government regulatory offices, CBOs and FBOs, the branch has conducted social mobilization activities through community conversation, young people peer learning sessions and related different community wide events to aware on modes of STI and HIV/AIDS prevention.

Care and support for PLHIVs and OVCs

The branch has provided psychosocial, education, livelihood, nutrition, shelter and health care supports for PLHIVs and OVCs in partnership with CBOs, FBOs, zonal and town government offices. As the result of these supports, significant changes have been observed among these target beneficiaries.

Sexual and reproductive health (SRH)

This activity encompasses all activities of the organization related to HIV/AIDS prevention and control, sexual and reproductive health services and education. Provision of peer learning sessions on SRH and HIV, integrated SRH and HIV health services including cervical cancer screening, VCT, PMTCT, family planning and related counseling services at static and partner health institutions is among the key areas of intervention provided for key young population most affected by HIV.

Community capacity building

OSSA Arbaminch branch believes that working in partnership with community networks like community based organizations (Example: “Idir” coalitions) and faith based organizations, youth associations is indispensible to implement activities based on the stated quality, to access the real target beneficiaries and build their capacities. This is aimed at creating enabling environment for the CBOs, FBOs and other community associations to stand-alone and run the community focused HIV/AIDS programming. Therefore, to build the capacity of these associations and align them behind OSSA’s vision, the branch has contributed and played significant leadership role within relevant networks and partnership forums to ensure self-reliance community networks in prevention and care and support activities.

Key focus areas of intervention

The branch’s strategy offers both prevention and care and support services. For the realization of the strategy, the branch office has moved on involving multisectoral and multilevel partnership with the regulatory government agencies, civil society organizations, community structures at grass-root levels, associations and faith-based organizations. This is done with the recognition of the need for the combined efforts made to mainstream HIV and AIDS and establish it firmly on the national development agenda. Through its journey, the branch has widely involved in HIV and SRH prevention involving communities who are indispensible for local commitment for effective action. Through this arrangement and action, the branch has registered significant results which some of these are outline below.
  • Visible social transformation has been observed in the growth of knowledge, attitude and practice of HIV/AIDS prevention among the communities
  • Government structures at regional and zonal levels including Arbaminch town administration broadly recognize OSSA's contribution to the local and national HIV responses
  • Based on OSSA’s intensive awareness creations, faith-based organizations promoted HIV testing before marriage and communities are well aware of this, give recognition for its importance and make the principle as a way of life and adhered to
  • Community based care and support has become inclining and PLHIVs have engaged in self-supportive income generating activities
  • The branch has contributed to the local and national efforts to combat HIV/AIDS and mitigating its social and economic impacts
  • With enhanced participation and ownership of FBOs, CBOs and government in partnership with the branch, more than 900,000 people have been addressed with social mobilization activities of community conversation, coffee ceremonies, peer learning sessions and with other tools on prevention of HIV infection, SRH issues, HIV related stigma and discrimination
  • OSSA Arbaminch branch created safe environment for orphan vulnerable children by increasing access to social services which have enabled OVCs to go to school and engaged adults PLHIVs in to IGAs to increase their household income
  • OSSA Arbaminch activities are well aligned with the country’s development policies, growth and transformation plan and millennium development goals with respect of health and social development.