OSSHD hosted Africa 2014 Blue Sky Week (BSW)

OSSHD, as being the Linking Organization (LO) of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance (IHAA) was committed to host the 2014 Africa Blue Sky Week in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The International HIV/AIDS Alliance (IHAA) is a partnership of local organisations (LOs) working at the community level on HIV/AIDS and broader health programmes.

The IHAA is present in over 35 countries globally of which 15 are in Africa.


The Africa Blue Sky Week (BSW) with its well articulated theme of: “Positioning in the Post-MDG Response” obviously aimed at creating an opportunity to bring together the Linking Organizations LOs, the Secretariat and other strategic partners to discuss emerging trends and common issues facing the Alliance family while they are struggling to end the spread of the virus.

The BSW meeting conducted in Addis Ababa apparently focussed on very key thematic areas emphasizing the post MDG discussions and is a continuation of the Africa Regional Programme (ARP) regional consultation on the Roadmap on Shared Responsibility and Global Solidarity for AIDS, TB and Malaria Response in Africa (2012- 2015). The 2014 Africa BSW, colourfully hosted by OSSA, differently provided a unique opportunity for the participations to conduct the meeting at African Union and discussed the issues which derived the attention of the Alliance family and the African Union representatives. The African countries’ political commitment in addressing the epidemics of HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria had been expected at all levels and the meeting at African Union was supposed to address these key areas. It requires the African countries to be robust in shaping their policies framework and scaling up efforts to build efficient health systems. It was realized from the meeting that “Leaving no one behind-ending AIDS by 2013” could only be possible if countries, donors, international communities and all concerned stakeholders position themselves in one circle and join hands in seriously fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemics to end its transmission and impact by 2030.

The meeting emphasized the role of civic society and positioning their rightful role within the roadmap to ensure that the Linking organizations need to be financially sustainable and politically relevant.