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Somaila Region Jijga Branch

About The Branch Office

Established in 2008, Jijjiga project office has been acting as an affiliate of OSSA and committed to work in response of HIV/AIDS. The project office was set to address the HIV/AIDS related problems of the pastoral community of the Somali population located at the most remote areas of the region.

Samira Mohamed, Project office Coordinator

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Contact Person : Samira Mohamed, Project office Coordinator
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HIV Prevention

Prevention usually focuses on reducing/elimination of the spread of the virus through the adoption of different prevention approaches. Mass education, community conversation, testing and counselling, promotion of IEC/BCC materials, promotion and distribution of condoms and peer to peer information and education are among few strategies used by the project office to reach the urban residents and wider pastoralist communities. 
HIV Counselling and Testing (VCT)
The project office has been trying to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and concurrently supporting the holistic health care services to the people of Jijjiga and its adjacent woredas and rural kebeles. HIV counselling and testing using different modalities and referral linkages to the health facilities are some of the key activities done by the project office.

Voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) in progress

With the financial support obtained from CDC, the project office has promoted the HIV counselling and testing and created huge opportunities for beneficiaries with different social back ground, culture, age and sex group to now their HIV status. The branch office also provides home based health care services for bedridden patients although these activities now are being replaced by palliative care. 
Following the new strategic direction of the donor and OSSA which requires shifting to index case testing, the project office also followed the footsteps of the new direction and changed its testing approach from the old modalities (i.e. mobile, outreach and stationed VCT) to the new approach (index case testing) and conducts family based HIV counselling and testing in Jijjiga town.
PSI-Ethiopia is one of the partners who have been supporting the project office for the long period of time.  With the financial support obtained from PSI-E, the project office has dealt with the social and behavioural practices that contribute to the spread of HIV/AIDS notably promoting the practice of having one sexual partner, faithfulness to a partner or effectively using condom among sexually active target communities. 
Since October 2013, the PSI-Ethiopia supports the project entitled MULU/MARP. The project targeted the most at risk population group identified such as commercial sex workers and their clients and waitress working in hotels and restaurants of Jijjiga and Tog-wechalee towns. Bio-medical treatments and economic strengthening activities targeting the aforementioned beneficiaries are done in a better way. 

Mass education and community conversation

Mass education and community conversation are very important entry points used for the delivery of information and messages about the spread of HIV/AIDS and its mitigation mechanisms. 

Care and Support

HIV/AIDS infected and affected people need continuous support to survive and lead safer lives. The support given by the project office includes home based health care, psychosocial support, ART adherence counselling, treatments and referrals to health facilities.

Partnership and Networking

Partnership is an essential asset for OSSA Jijjiga project office. Organizations working at national and regional levels and which have been working on HIV/AIDS programme are key partners. The regional government offices such as Ethiopian Somali regional state health bureau and the regional HIV/AIDS prevention and control office are very important partners and collaborators of OSSA project office. PSI-Ethiopia plays a key role on providing the funds and technical support for the implementation of project. CDC is the biggest donor though the fund comes through OSSA head quarter.