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About The Branch

Hosanna branch is one of few branches of OSSA which were recently upgraded to the main branch level from the lowest organizational echelon. The promotion to the main branch level was done after thorough assessment was conducted and with complete conviction and decision to change the position of the sub branch to the main branch. Hosanna is the capital city of Hadiya zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Regional State. Since its inception the Branch office has been working to contribute towards combating HIV/AIDS, improvement of maternal health and eradication of extreme poverty through community based approach.

Belay Yilma, Manager of OSSA Hosanna Branch Office


In compliance with the corporate vision, mission, goals and objectives, the branch has progressed in dealing with community focused HIV/AIDS programming. In addition to the main programme components, OSSA Hosanna branch has been engaged in SRH, provision of clinical services, family planning and maternal health services. The following points highlight what the branch is focusing on and provide the holistic services to the people of Hosanna and its suburb areas.

HIV Prevention (Drop in center)

Prevention has remained a primary focus area in the fight against HIV/AIDS. With understanding the need for effective HIV prevention, the branch office has carried out the following prevention activities.
  • Provision of voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) services
  • Sexually transmitted infection(STI) screening and treatment
  • Condom promotion and distribution ,
  • Prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV (PMTCT)
  • Provide information and education about PMTCT, VCT and sexual reproductive health activities (SRH) to the target communities

Care and support

for people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS is another important entry point for OSSA to support the OVCs and PLHIVs clients. Following HIV testing, clients are linked to health facilities for treatment and also they are put under care and support service package.

OVC care and support

The OVC care and support includes comprehensive services such as:

  • Medical care,
  • Psychosocial services,
  • Nutritional support,
  • Education support
  • Vocational skill trainings,
  • Provision of small scale business management training with the supply of startup capital for them to start small business and improve their personal or household income

PLHIV Care and Support

The care and support for people living with HIV (PLHIVs) has multifaceted support components which includes the following.

  • Home based health care services,
  • Medical care support,
  • nutritional support,
  • Psychosocial support,
  • Supply of hygienic materials,
  • House renovations
  • Provision of vocational skill trainings
  • Provision of entrepreneurship and small scale business management training
  • Provision of startup capital for PLHIV for income generation activities.

Capacity building

OSSA effectively works with CBOs, FBOs, anti AIDS clubs (AACs), PLHIV associations, staff from relevant government offices, volunteers, care providers and other partners. In conviction of building the partnership and networking, OSSA often works on building the technical capacities of these partners to make HIV intervention so successful.

Capacity building also includes enhancing the technical capacity of PLHIVs who are put under the income generation activities.

Partnership and networking

OSSA Hosanna branch office is working in partnership with different donors, regional and zonal government offices, PLHIV and SRH associations, community and faith based organizations.

The German delegates representing the churches visited OSSA Hosanna branch Around 18 people from different churches in Germany visited OSSA Hosanna branch to see how the donation money comes from these churches through Bread for the World (Brot) has been used for the communities that deserve this support. The visitors, escorted by country representative of Brot regional office in Addis Ababa were welcomed by OSSA Executive Director and project staffs on the site.