Case Studies

Real Stories About Our Beneficiaries

The children living with or affected by HIV and AIDS also receive psychosocial support. In addition to training interested teachers to become counsellors, the project has helped establish groups and rooms for counselling at all schools.


My name is Shimbira Shiferaw. I was born in 1982 E.C in Kutaber woreda. I am HIV +ve. As my parents are passed away, I came to Dessie and became daily worker since I had no any option. While I was living in Dessie I contact one guy & we had marriage.


My name is Abdu yimer. I am 23 years old. I was born in Dessie town. My parents died when I was around 4 years old. As I was growing up I felt serious illness which I couldn’t characterize it.


My name is Marew Tsegaye. I was born in Lasta Lalibela (NE’AKUTOLE’AB). I am 24 years old. Previously I used to have multiple sexual partners while having a wife. In 2004 E.C I knew my status that I am HIV+ve. I was very very anxious and fail in shock. My health status was much deteriorated and even I couldn’t withstand my pressure that I should leave my residence. Then I came to Dessie and establish my life together with wife. In Dessie we were examined for our CD4 and started ART treatment. My wife became pregnant. In this situation we came across to OSSA link up project to attend the peer education session and completed the session being attended for 6 weeks acquiring adequate knowledge on integrated SRH/HIV issues. Just after the completion of the session we decided that my wife should be linked to health institutions for ANC follow up. Then she started PMTCT follow up in Dessie referral hospital. Later, my wife gave an HIV_ve child which we were very happy as we never thought that it is possible. We believe that OSSA link up project provided us our HIV-ve child.

We thank you OSSA link up!!

Marew Tsegaye