Ato Bekele Senbete

The Executive Director of OSSHD, Bekele Senbete brings over 22 years of leadership experience at various governmental, non-governmental organizations and private firms.

He held executive management positions in many organizations such as Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise, the Ethiopian Water Resources Development Fund, the Ethiopian Gemini Trust, the DH Consulting Firm and currently, the Organization for Social Services for AIDS (OSSA). He was among highly experienced consultants who contributed a lot to the development of Ethiopian water supply and irrigation sectors.

As freelance consultant and lecturer, he intensively worked for Ethiopian Management Institute (EMI) and in due course of time built the capacity of many Ethiopian citizens. He has a vision of growth and development with OSSA. To realize this vision, he took the leading initiatives to acquire success at all stages and continued to bring about institutional transformation targeting stability, security and institutional sustainability. To realize this growth and development, the Executive Director is committed to harmoniously work with key staffs and colleagues of OSSA. He has foreseen the consequence of this joint action and hope that better future will come for OSSA.