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Bahirdar BranchBahirdar Branch

About the branch office

OSSA Bahir Dar Branch was established in 1994 and started working by initiating and advocating care and support for those people infected and affected by the virus and promoting awareness and education aimed at ensuring the behavioral change to happen among the community.

Main intervention areas include:

  • Targeted index case testing (HCT)
  • Care and support to OVCs, PLHIVs and their families
  • Awareness creation through massive community mobilizations
  • Capacity building for CBOs, PLHIV associations and other implementing partners
  • Economic strengthening
  • MARPs focused programmes including the CSW, PLHIVs, and vulnerable youth done through integrating the SRH and HIV / AIDS health services.
Geographic coverage
The branch office extends its comprehensive services to reach more people living in vast areas of Amhara regional state. Based in Bahir Dar and Debremarkos towns, the branch office stretches its scope of service and works in five zones whose names are North Gondar, East Gojam, Awi zone, West Gojam and Bahir Dar special zone. All together, HIV/AIDS related health care services have been given in 7 woredas, 9 sub cities of Bahir Dar and 4 satellite towns.

Simegnew Alene, Branch Manager


Tel :+251-918-77-87-87 

Contact Person : Simegnew Alene,Branch Manager


Human Resources and Volunteers

Human resources

The branch has 25 staffs who are highly dedicated to run the day-to-day activities of the office. Of this number, 17 are male and the remaining 8 employees are female workers. Looking back to professional mix, 9 have qualifications of degree and above, 7 diploma holders, 5 high school complete and 4 of them are elementary and below. 


Volunteerism is deep rooted in OSSA’s programme implementation strategies to reach more and more communities. OSSA volunteers work for nothing but dedicated to serve the communities irrespective of looking for any advantage gained from the service they offer. OSSA’s programmes are in strong position to scale up local responses to HIV and AIDS by incorporating volunteerism in the strategy of community focused HIV and AIDS programming. Depending on the corporate strategy, OSSA Bahir Dar branch has deployed 433 volunteers (307 female and 106 male) to reach the target communities. Before moving in to any action, volunteers selected from the communities are provided with effective training on all of the activities they are going to engage in. 
Volunteers attend the training given before taking over the job of community service


The core programme intervention of the branch office comprises the following.
  • HIV prevention
  • Care and support
  • Capacity building
Under these broader programmes, the branch currently runs:
  • HIV counseling and testing (VCT)
  • Integration of HIV/AIDS and SRH
  • OVCs support programme
The following table indicates key programme activities, donors and target beneficiaries. 
S/NoCore programme activitiesDonorTarget
1 VCT for PLHIVs and their families including care and support services CDC 20,000 20,000 40,000
2 Promoting better SRH services for vulnerable young people Netherlands 6,000 10,000 16,000
3 WFP urban food and nutrition support for OVCs & PLHIVs WFP 1,336 1,835 3,171
4 Care and protection service for children with the meaning full participation of family, community and the government Wereldkindren 164 136 300
  Total   27,500 31,971 59,471

Donors and partners

The following are the donors who have supported the branch office for the last five years and those donors committed to extend the support for more rounds. 
CDC  General publicCDC  General publicCDC √General public
Care Ethiopia    
Dutch government   Young people
Wereldkindren   OVCs
World Food Programme (WFP)   OVCs
Save the Children   Children

Major achievements over the last six years

  • Over 9,020 OVCs  and children got care and support services and able to improve their lives
  • School based IGA have been established in 22 primary schools & benefited children 
  • Stigma and discrimination against HIV infected and affected children in school have been dramatically reduced
  • About 450 people living with HIV/AIDS have been engaged in income generating activities and improved their livelihoods
  • Over 283 OVC guardians and people living with HIV/AIDS got access to various vocational skill trainings
  • About 3,555 people living with HIV/AIDS got comprehensive care and support services and able to lead healthy and stable lives
  • A total of 11,005 young people identified as commercial sex workers (CSWs), PLHIVs and in & out of school youth have got integrated sexually and reproductive health information and education
  • About 1,078 young people have got access to quality and use friendly SRH services through referrals
  • About 32,008 people received voluntary counseling and testing services through  mobile VCT approach
  • About 3,608 people got access to HCT services through home based HCT modality
  • About 6,096 people have got testing and counseling (HCT) through an index case testing approach
  • About 186 PLHIV peer support groups have been established and gradually converted to saving groups to lead economically self-sustained lives
  • 17 AACs, 7 CBOs, 22 primary schools, 4 PLHIV associations, 4 University campuses, 7 health facilities have been strengthened through training and material supports
  • About 360,000 communities have been mobilized through mass education on the prevention of HIH/AIDS
  • One model child parliament has been established and functioning very well
  • About 210,000 condoms have been promoted and distributed to key populations in need of them
  • About 100,000 IEC/BCC materials carrying different messages have been produced and distributed to key populations as awareness creation tools. 

Partnership and networking

OSSA Bahir Dar branch office has developed strong partnership and networking with the government bodies, civil society organizations, associations and communities. 

Government partners

  • Regional health bureau
  • Regional bureau of finance and economy (BOFED)
  • Regional HIV/AIDS prevention and control office (AHAPCO)
  • Regional women, children and youth affairs (WCYA)
  • Bahir Dar city administration
  • All respective government office in Bahir Dar town and satellite cities
  • All respective government offices at the zone levels

PLHIV associations

  • Mekidim Ethiopia, Dawn of hope, Wogagen, Birhan Women PLHIV associations 
  • Sefeneselam and Asgobie community based organizations
  • Helina, Misirakchora, Amature and Bukaya Anti- AIDS associations 
  • Other 7 service outlets in CDC project

Partner NGOs

OSSA Bahir Dar branch closely works with non-governmental organizations such as Wise- up, Maheber Hiwot, DKT, FHI 360, Family Guidance Association Ethiopia (FGAE), Marie stops International Ethiopia (MSI), Alma, ORDA and other faith-based NGOs like Meserete Kiristos, kalewonegl, Muluwongel etc.

Existing projects

Link Up Project

This project was officially launched in 2014 and effectively implemented by the branch office. The project targets vulnerable young people who are considered key populations having the age range of 10-24 years. The commercial sex workers, young people in school and out of school and young PLHIVs are the main target communities included in the project. The project runs around 4 outcome pillars of which awareness creation and information about sexual reproductive health and rights takes the dominant position. Peer education and sessions have been done to realize the project. 

Comprehensive service deliveries through referrals and building the capacity of care givers and implementing partners are also key functions of the project. 

Following the peer education trainings, the branch office has been intensively working on conducting the numerous sessions where PLHIVs, CSWs and young people in/out of school have been involved. The trained peer educators are the champions of these session events. 

Community wide events

Community wide events target large number of people gathered together to learn more about the epidemic from the activities and messages delivered in open space events. Anti AIDS Clubs (AACs) often act as catalysts in delivering messages through drama, music, questions and answer sessions, and other edutainment. Panel discussions do much in bringing knowledge and understanding about the epidemic and its mitigations. Coffee ceremony has been used as fantastic tool to bring people together and discuss on common issues as being done in cultural norms. 

Information about HIV and SRH can also be delivered to public through production and distribution of IEC/BCC materials. Leaflets, T-shirts, caps and banners holding clear messages about HIV and SRH including family planning were distributed in large quantities. The IEC/BCC materials along with condoms were distributed to people attended the community wide events to help the community learn more about the epidemic and means of reducing risk of infections, the sexual reproductive health and rights and family planning. 

Capacity Building 

To improve the quality of integrated SRH and HIV/AIDS services that are provided to the young people, the branch office has been supporting the implementing partners and health facilities operating in its intervention areas. 

HIV testing programmes

This project is supported by CDC and currently targetting families to be tested through newly introducced index case testing apprach. Once the positive person is found, he/she is used as a bridge to reach the rest of the family members. OSSA Bahir Dar branch has progressed in familirazing with this new approach and achieved remarkable results in a short period of time. Those tested and found positive are linked to health facilities to get essenatial treatments like ART and other related medications. 

Education supports

Orphan vulnerable children are supported in every aspect. Education support is one of the comprehensive supports given to children in need of them. Every year OSSA Bahir Dar branch identifies those children needing support and provides material supports such as school bags, exercise books, pencils, pens and other essential materials needed for their education. 

Income generating activities (IGA)

OSSA Bahir Dar branch office effectively works on income generating activities to economically empower the needy people concerned with aspect of engagement in business to generate income from the commercial venture. The branch supports the target beneficiaries to get the advantage of this opportunity through facilitation of seed money, provision of entrepreneurial and business skill trainings and follow ups.