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Organization for Social services, Health and Development
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OSSHD aspires to see the country free from HIV/AIDS, communicable diseases and other pressing social problems whereby the livelihood of its people, particularly that of the life of the highly vulnerable people, is improved and developed.


OSSHD shall contribute to the national effort of ensuring high quality social services for the livelihood improvement of the high vulnerable people through introducing community based integrated SRH/HIV/AIDS and environmental health services.


OSSHD strives to ensure high quality social services to enhance the livelihoods of the target communities through an integrated HIV/AIDS, SRH and environmental health interventions, realization of self- reliance and building the capacity of the communities, including beneficiaries in collaboration with the Government, donors, partners and communities.

Something about us

OSSHD is the first indigenous, national humanitarian non Government organization set- up in 1990 to fight the alarming spread of HIV/AIDS infection and alleviate the psychological and economic impacts of the Pandemic. It was established in partnership of Ministry of Health (MOH) Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOC), the Catholic Secretariat, Islamic Secretariat, Evangelical Church Mekaneyesyus, Seven Day Adventist Church and international NGOs like Radda Barnen, World Vision International Ethiopia, and Save the Children- UK, with the motto “Fight AIDS together”.

Ethiopia and Save the Children- UK, with the motto “Fight AIDS together”.

Up to recent year OSSHD has been enjoying the support of all these organizations OSSHD have a four-tier structure. The supreme organ is the General Assembly. The General Assembly elects the Board, composed of seven members, whose governance activities include policy decision making and oversight of the organization’s program, financial and administrative operations.The Executive Director is accountable to the Board, and manages the organization. The Head Office plays a coordinating and facilitating role while the branches are the implementing part of the organization. Currently, OSSHD discharge its activities through a network of 13 branches, 2 sub-branches and 3 project offices run with more than 400 committed staff and thousands of volunteers’.

OSSHD, through its diversified sets of program activates will address the health ,economic and social problem of marginalized community which includes PLHIV of all sect of community, children and youth, women sex worker and the general public. These beneficiaries will be enrolled in OSSHD’s program that moves around HIV prevention, care and support services and capacity building.

OSSHD Board Members

  • R/ Dereje Mengustu - Board Chair
  • Mrs. Kelemua Dubale - V/ Board Chair
  • Mr. Alemu Tolera - Board Member
  • Mr. Tesfaye Wolde - Board Member
  • Ms. Tizita Hailu - Board Member
  • Dr. Dehab Belay - Board Member
  • Mr. Yohannis Kidane - Board Member

OSSHD Management team

OSSA's Senior Management Team Memebers